Friday, March 11, 2011

I originally flew into Australia on the 10th January to start a new life.

Australia is interesting in that what you think you knew isn't actually how it is.

Life here is taken at a far slower pace than back in NZ. Maybe something to do with the heat...

Anyway most people are pretty laid back and have found everyone I have met so far pretty darn helpful.

My flight from NZ to Aussie was on Air New Zealand a 747 no less ( having flown one in the past have a soft spot for the 747's) and we landed in a storm at Brissie. My next flight was to be to Mackay North Queensland about 2 hours later with JETSTAR. Thats when it all turned upside down as we were delayed as they said our plane had been hit by lightining on approach to land.

The flight was delayed 6 hours. When we finally got on the plane (been raining all this time) we had to walk down the furtherest concorse down 3 flights stairs and out into the heavy rain to board and then they tried to get tickets as we were staning out in the rain. That didn't last long as we all through a wobbly. We then found out re the Captain our planbe hadn't been hit but it was takern for another service and this was the plane that was hit. hence we were delayed for no good reason. So my arrival in Mackay went from 1430 when sposed to get there till walked into my Bro's place at 2040. It was a long day as been up since 0500.

No great drama as such as thats life but don't fly JETSTAR........

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